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Hello crunchers!

We want find all symmetric tuples of consecutive primes in the range from zero to 2^64.

Now we have final testing software from zero to 10^17, some in 10^18 and in 10^19.

If everything will be all right we'll NOT close on a couple of weeks! :) We will work until the end of the range.

Soon site features, statistics, etc will work fine.

Thank for your CPU time and patience !!!

If you got errors on Windows version please install:
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

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10^18 - 10^18+5*10^16 Completed!
All interesting here -- > http://stop.inferia.ru/forum_thread.php?id=27



Enjoy yourself!
15 Apr 2017, 23:46:40 UTC · Discuss

Progress map !
We create simple map. Update every week.

Have a nice day !
17 Mar 2017, 9:11:56 UTC · Discuss

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